Information for suppliers

Clients receive a lot of requests for accounts of all services. We cannot do everything all at once, and therefore a decision was made to attract new partners for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Priority is given to popular services such as: FACEBOOK (PL, USA, MIX, EU geo), FB BM, INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, GMAIL, TWITTER.

On our part, we guarantee:

Favorable terms.
Wide coverage of the CIS and foreign audience.
Regular customers and stable sales.
We pay the commission for the payment.
Convenient payments upon request within 24 hours on USDT TRC20, LTC, PAYEER, PERFECTMONEY, WMZ, CAPITALIST, FREEKASSA.
Please try to provide a detailed description of your products, including their characteristics (content, country, gender, age, etc.), approximate volume that you are ready to supply, price, and convenient payment method for the sold goods. If we are interested in cooperation, please send us the full name and description. We always try to describe the characteristics of our products in as much detail as possible in the product name and description, so it would be better if you look at the ready-made positions in the store and adjust them to your accounts.

You determine the price of the product, and we add the markup ourselves. We do not recommend setting high prices for your products, and do not compare your prices with those of other stores. If your product is cheaper, it will be bought more often and in larger quantities. Consequently, if the price is too high, it may take a long time or never sell. Also, please remember that the price can always be changed, so it's always better to start with a small price.

After adding your items, you will receive a link where you can monitor your sales. Payments can be made upon request or at the end of a batch. Sometimes we may also make payments directly to your specified account if we see that your product has been fully sold.

We are only looking for partners for long-term cooperation, not for one-time sales. If you just have a few unnecessary accounts lying around, please don't waste your time and ours. We accept small and large wholesale goods for permanent delivery.

Lastly, but not least, in order to maintain our collaboration, you must keep in touch with the store administration. If any problems, blocks, or discrepancies arise, you are required to respond within 24 hours (preferably sooner). Otherwise, the buyer will be refunded.


All screenshots in the product are accepted and uploaded only from these services:
Any other links will be rejected along with your product.

We would be happy to discuss collaboration on Telegram @chainsdev or in a ticket in your personal account.

Seize your niche while you can ;) We wish everyone good sales!